Free Mystery A-Box!

    shop the items below BY CLICKING on their names!!!!!!!     AHA REFINING CREAM on sale for $22.99 Anew Clinical Eye Lift on sale for $21.99     Anew Clinical Resurfacing Fluid on sale for $24.99     Anew Platinum Set on $128 value for $54.99   Anew Ultimate Set $128 value on […]

America’s Top Avon Lady: Adrianne Curry

For all of you who supported me through all the years….and did NOT laugh at me when I ditched Hollywood. I cannot tell you how much I have appreciated the support. To all you new people who found a crazy mountain hermit prepping for the end of days ….who ALSO liked to sell Avon…I thank […]

Why I Never Really Modeled

After I won top model, I was stuck in a 3 year contract with an agency that no longer wanted me. Top Model dumped them for IMG in season 2 and they were pretty bitter about it. They sent the 3rd runner up who they had signed to Hong Kong because the show was huge […]

I Am Avons Top Online Sales Rep!

People made (and make) fun of me for leaving the spotlight and for the career path I am walking now…but I LOVE what I do. It took 3 years and a LOT of work (sometimes I hit 10 hours a day!) but I hit the #1 spot in online sales. It is always changing and […]

Taming your Grey Hair!

For those ladies out there who embrace their natural selves and no longer stress over your next hair dye session, I have some suggestive grey hair care! My rogue stream is almost 4 months of grow out now. The first thing I noticed is just how dry and unruly it is! I do not like […]

Did I Just Lose A F*cking Titty?

Great title. Not so great reality. I have to wait 6 months before I will know the true fate of my chest, but I have to consider that I may have lost the very thing I was so insecure about I got surgery. In 2006, I got my first boob job. My body completely rejected […]

My Breast Implant Removal

This message brought to you by Oxycodone. I have had a very rough 48 hours. Luckily . I HAVE A VERY GOOD Dr. And an equally amazing husband and surgical team. Jan 4th Matthew and I flew out of Kalispell to chicago.                           […]

Breast Implant Illness/ Explanting/ Surgeons

I wanted to write this blog based on the 7 years I have spent researching and trying to understand how I could accomplish this with the best results. I had many setbacks which led to me not having it done yet, one being my Myomectomy in 2017. I didn’t want back to back major surgical […]

I Am Done Coloring My Grey Hair

Leaving the toxic entertainment industry has been amazing for me. I have been cleansing myself of all the bullshit from that former life.  In just 2 weeks, I schedule my explant of my stupid fake boobs for the beginning of 2020. Now, living in the rural mountains of Northwest Montana, I have begun to question […]