Skimpy Thongs For Likes!

For many years I marketed myself via my looks. It is how I broke into entertainment. During this time I had a few relationships. I noticed that in those relationships, I was given a lot of freedom. Freedom to pose for Playboy’s celebrity cover/spread…twice, Maxim, etc. Freedom to post pictures of myself modeling, etc online […]

The Fading Of An Old Life: Trading In My Heels For Boots!

Time to get rid of most my dresses and high heels! I live on a big ranch. There is no need for this stuff anymore. I have been purchasing practical clothes. Furry vests for autumn, snow boots for the cold winter months. Cargo shorts instead of LA short shorts and lots of hiking shoes and […]

Curing My Narcissism

The Story of Narcissus and Echo read the above story for a great lesson. Since making the decision to stop marketing myself in a “sexy” way and refocus my life, my eyes have been opened to many things. One, most of us on social media are insufferable narcissists. If it isn’t jamming our political opinions […]

Hollywood: Smoke & Mirrors

  One of my closest friends in LA and her fiance are going through a living nightmare. Jon Schnepp directed many Metalocalypse episodes and was involved with two of my all time faves, Aqua Teen and Space Ghost Coast to Coast. Holly was the infamous lips shown on MTVs liquid Television. Together, they are the […]

Clothes As We Age, Or Leave LA

Naturally, as we get older we tend to change the way we dress. Most of us move on from wanting to look 22 and become more sophisticated. When you hit 35, something changes. LESS is more. A confidence floods over most of us and we don’t feel like we need to flash everything to be […]

Pre Wedding Skin Care!

  My wedding is quickly coming up. I wont reveal when, but it is very soon. My face has been a real asshole! Try as I might, my cheeks KEEP breaking out. I am a picker, so I struggle with trying not to pop them. GOD, I LOVE to pop them! I had been using Anew […]

Social Media Addicts

Until I deleted Facebook & Twitter from my phone, I didn’t realize how dependent I had become on them. Throughout the day, I find myself glancing at my cellphone. If it’s not a glance, then I have picked it up in an attempt to search for apps that are not there. I have cut my social media […]

48 Hrs Without Facebook/Twitter On My Phone

Yep, it has only been two days since I deleted Facebook and Twitter from my phone. Let me tell you what I have learned. I never realized JUST how addicted I was to my phone till I no longer had these two apps to access. Throughout each day, I’d brainlessly pick up my phone and […]

I Deleted Facebook/Twitter From My Phone

Social Media used to be a very fun place. In the 90’s I signed up my AOL account and would role play Vampire: The Masquerade. I wish I was kidding, but I have always been a big nerd. Back in 2003, I won America’s Next Top Model. I started a Live Journal. I blogged to […]

My Toxic Relationships

  I have noticed a lot of blame going around for toxic relationships. I remember when it was my default for the two I had been in. I blamed them. It was the easiest thing to do. I mean, they were manipulative, snake oil salesmen, charming and most importantly, lying emotionally abusive/violent assholes! Then, my […]