You Are Not Alone In Feeling Alone!

I think many of us feel more alone than we ever have in our entire lives. When you log onto your social media, you see all your friends and family spewing hate, posting NONSTOP outrage posts, CANCEL (insert person here) or trying to condescendingly educate you. No matter what you do, it sometimes feels like […]

Why I Never Really Modeled

After I won top model, I was stuck in a 3 year contract with an agency that no longer wanted me. Top Model dumped them for IMG in season 2 and they were pretty bitter about it. They sent the 3rd runner up who they had signed to Hong Kong because the show was huge […]

I Am Avons Top Online Sales Rep!

People made (and make) fun of me for leaving the spotlight and for the career path I am walking now…but I LOVE what I do. It took 3 years and a LOT of work (sometimes I hit 10 hours a day!) but I hit the #1 spot in online sales. It is always changing and […]

Before TMZ….I Survived Pre “Anti Bullying” Media

Remember the gossip sites BEFORE TMZ? There was one major one. It was a play off of a famous celebrity Heiress. A friend of mine pointed out they wrote about me recently. I didn’t know it was still around. Not being snarky, just figured he did what I did..grew up and got the fuck out. […]

The World Has Changed….Post Op Update

Obviously, we are all up to date on the madness that is our current world. Before shit hit the fan, I was BEGGING my friend to NOT go on a cruise at the end of February. I was so afraid she would get sick or stranded. I was also advising friends and family to stock […]

Taming your Grey Hair!

For those ladies out there who embrace their natural selves and no longer stress over your next hair dye session, I have some suggestive grey hair care! My rogue stream is almost 4 months of grow out now. The first thing I noticed is just how dry and unruly it is! I do not like […]

Did I Just Lose A F*cking Titty?

Great title. Not so great reality. I have to wait 6 months before I will know the true fate of my chest, but I have to consider that I may have lost the very thing I was so insecure about I got surgery. In 2006, I got my first boob job. My body completely rejected […]

My Breast Implant Removal

This message brought to you by Oxycodone. I have had a very rough 48 hours. Luckily . I HAVE A VERY GOOD Dr. And an equally amazing husband and surgical team. Jan 4th Matthew and I flew out of Kalispell to chicago.                           […]

HBO’s Watchmen & His Dark Materials Review

Watchmen is beautifully filmed. Some of it is beautifully written. It is certainly well acted. However, something has just felt….wrong. For one, it is a spin off of the GREATEST Graphic novel of all time. So great, it made time magazines top 100 novels, the ONLY comic to ever do so. As my husband pointed […]

Breast Implant Illness/ Explanting/ Surgeons

I wanted to write this blog based on the 7 years I have spent researching and trying to understand how I could accomplish this with the best results. I had many setbacks which led to me not having it done yet, one being my Myomectomy in 2017. I didn’t want back to back major surgical […]