Being Woke Is A Disease

If you point out the color of somebody’s skin or their gender to invalidate their opinion….you are a gaslighting, sexist and a racist. Your argument is as weak as your character….thus, you have to resort to racism and sexism to shut people up. These are the same tactics an abusive spouse uses against their partner. Toxicity is still toxicity even if you give it a pretty name.

The “woke” religion is borderline sociopathic. People don’t like it because of this….not because of what these cultists accuse them of…projections of who THEY really are. Their arguments and lack of understanding of how nations toppled into communism….are as weak as their integrity and character.

They display the same insane zealous behavior they did during the Spanish Inquisition and the Witch trials both across the pond and here in Salem. Just because you have conviction does not mean you are right.

I am glad I was raised properly. I reject this racist ideology that tries to force me to obsess over something as shallow as skin color. I reject the abuse of children in teaching them any form of identity politics. I personally have better things to do than reprogram my brain with the evils of identity politics. It is a cult…and I have always rejected religious zealots…no matter what they practice.


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