Avon Calling!

Need a bad ass former Z-list celebrity that lives deep in the rocky mountains to personally pick out your skincare regimen and makeup? Well, here is your lucky day! Go to ADRIANNE CURRY’S AVON STORE for all your Avon needs. Need me to match foundation to your skin, pick out eye shadow or suggest skin care? Simply hit the “contact me” button on my page and I will email you. I will personally pick out products for all your needs based on our conversations and pics you send me of yourself.

Like/Follow my Avon STore Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CurryRhodeAvon which will have nothing but Avon, as opposed to my more lifestyle centered main page.

I want to HELP people…and I will never do that by sitting on my ass and not interacting with them. I want my customers to build a relationship with me and trust that I have their best interest at heart, even if it means suggesting other products for you outside of my shop. (which I do when I know they will help people!)

I ended December 2019 as the top online Avon Lady in the world! Thank you to those of you who do shop with me for that honor!

Let me help you not have to destroy your bank account to look and feel good!

LIVESTREAM TUTORIALS every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at http://www.facebook.com/AdrianneCurry


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