Autumn Decorating!!

On our mini honeymoon, my husband told me he would like to help me create some content based on my decorating and whatnot in the home. Seeing how we are SO rural now, this delighted me to no end. All my hard work would be SEEN! Yesterday, I decided it was time.  As Christmas is only in a few months, having the big tree already up would help me a lot in terms of work. I have 2 7.5 foot trees I am going to have to assemble in the basement! I see so many Autumn trees that are so over done….An overly done tree seemed like it would take away from my explosive Christmas joy in a few months. I decided to use these inexpensive LED fairy lights . They have different settings…and the one I like most is the steady lights on the lowest dim setting. It gives the tree a light glow, subtle. My only issue with them is the wire is so visible, but who cares. For the pumpkins, I used random ones I had bought over the years off amazon and other places. I got the tree skirt off etsy from a little shop based in Arkansas.

The tree topper is made of random floral I found on amazon. Tall branches of eucalyptus leaves. Autumn branches. Dried out grasses and whatnot comprise my entire “tree topper”. I then made sure I placed lots of leaves around the crown to hide the stems of all the floral I had shoved in there!

When I was a little girl, I didn’t have a feminine bone in my body. Suddenly, in my mid 20s, I bloomed. I am a cooking, cleaning and decorating machine. I have a deep passion for a home that feels inviting and warm.  When guests come over, I love to hear them rant and rave about how awesome all my decorations are. My ENTIRE HOME is decked out for fall, including the front porch AND the beginning of our driveway. It’s a nice touch to cover up for all our DO NOT TRESPASS signs. haha. Times are rough, warning shots cost money…brass aint cheap. 😛

The only thing that makes a home more inviting than well thought out decor is a hot delicious meal roasting in the oven. I think you all figured out by now why he slapped a ring on it. 😛


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