Am I to Be Forgiven? Redemption.

It’s easy for people to say they are sorry and NOT mean it. The recent “struggle sessions” that have grown popular on social media is just that. A witch hunt starts for an individual by overly involved people who take it upon themselves to be DEEPLY offended. They hunt down their subject, torturing them, bullying […]

Everyone is photoshopped !

Sometimes, if I go on Instagram and see someone my age that I know from Hollyweird…I will feel pretty bad about how I look in comparison to their perfectly posed photos. Then, upon closer inspection….I cannot help but notice heavy filter/photoshop and feel better. Every SINGLE one of their pics is overdone. Not a single […]

Cabin Remodel plans!

When we purchased our home…we knew it needed A LOT of work. It was built over 2 decades ago…and the old man picked the LOWEST END of all things to go into it. Fast forward to now, and most of it is legit falling apart. I am too embarrassed to show my kitchen! There are […]

Thank you

Just want to tell you guys…both my husband and I REALLY appreciate how supportive you always are. This world is getting rather bonkers. People trying to make you lose your job, clip your videos out of context to try to get you cancelled, etc….it is just madness. Covid hit our house HARD. For a long […]

Welcome, new subscribers!!!!

to my new website! It is SO WONDERFUL to be able to say and do whatever I want and not have to worry about being censored. I hope you enjoy it, too! I spent 8.5 hours removing all my Christmas cheer. Because I was sad, I decided to rearrange my entire home. It has really […]


Hey, guys! I had to delete my last post…as for some reason it showed the WHOLE THING for all to see on my front page….had no comment section…AND was showing my hubby’s logo for his page Thank you for coming and I promise I will get things sorted out for an open and PRIVATE […]

Check Out my Husband’s New Site!

after over 9 weeks of living in the wilderness of Maine in an intense immersion course (and NO FULL SHOWER!) My hubby came back home certified in Crazy Survivalist stuff. He also joined the American Mountain Men in Montana. He started a new website to document his passion, the outdoors…   He has NO […]