Ask Yourself…..What Would Happen To YOU?

Ask yourself, of these career politicians, which of them would keep their jobs at ANY other workplace AFTER helping spend the company 30 TRILLION in debt? Which would be high fived and allowed to accumulate millions of dollars with nothing to show how they made it whilst making a meager salary you can all see? (Mitch, Nancy, Joe, Romney) Which would be given a raise (President) AFTER serving for decades funneling all our wealth and industry to our enemies? Which would be trusted and allowed to continue at your workplace after funneling tons of foreign aid money out as we spiraled into debt of which we may NEVER recover? Who would keep their job as they bent the knee to our competition and handed everything they wanted to them on a silver platter, destroying your workplace in the process? Would they keep their job if they started barking the SLOGANS of OTHER COMPANIES (BUILD BACK BETTER/world economic forum)?

Which co worker you know would be immediately forgiven for ARMING TO THE TEETH known terrorists with the best military weapons we can make? Is there any American that can arm the Taliban the way our President did and NOT be thrown into the darkest cell on earth? Is there any military commander that could abandon US citizens in mass and be forgiven for it immediately and have the press coddle them and make excuses? Do you know of any co-workers that can SPY on your Boss’s computers and tap his phone, get caught and keep their job and status? What American citizen could topple a nation, arm our enemies and hand Lithium deposits over to our greatest adversary (who also holds the note to our debt!) so they can make car batteries to SELL RIGHT BACK TO US for the evil and corrupt Green New Deal? What American could run an open ILLEGAL HUMAN TRAFFICKING operation, funneling 1000s of people a DAY over the border, flying them about the country to be placed in a neighborhood near you with NO BACKGROUND CHECK? In the same breath, what person you know would be allowed to run a human trafficking operation with NO REGULATION against EVERY LAW all whilst punishing our Canadian neighbors with tyrannical rules the criminals breaking into our country down south do not have to abide by? Why do non citizens who haven’t paid a dime into our system or served us in any way have MORE rights than we do?

Yet, you buy their lies. You listen to them tell you that your rights do not matter and that only THEY know what is good for you…them and their appointed henchmen. You allow them to commit treason every single day and forgive it because you joined their tribe. You and your fellow “my side!”ers pretend they care about you. Pretend they are not a criminal mafia enriching a country who COMMITS GENOCIDE and RUNS CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Our Government knowingly funds the slaves and genocide of the CCP, and smile at you and tell you it’s fine…and you pretend they care about LGBTQ in the same beat. The people who knowingly fund genocide in concentration camps…you make believe care about your skin color or your struggle. You pretend them spying on and labeling YOU the enemy is a very good thing.

Those founding fathers they attempt to vilify? They wrote laws to stop a government from becoming THIS powerful, corrupt and evil….and yet you CHEER and try to TOPPLE THEIR STATUES and vilify anything they ever did based on them being born in a different time. The most evil people on earth pocket your money and use you and your community as a SHEILD against their horrific crimes and tell you to HATE the people who would point out their treason against you.

God help us.

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