About Me

AdrianneCurry.com follows the life of a former Reality Tv Star after leaving the fast-paced world of Hollywood for the serenity of Montana. After gaining stardom by winning America’s Next Top Model at the age of 20, Curry went on to appear on numerous magazine covers, runway shows and advertisements.

She was a regular fixture on reality television shows as a participant, host and producer. She was named one of Maxim’s Hot 100, Playboy’s 25 Sexiest Celebrities and was even anointed “Queen of the Nerds” by none other than Stan Lee himself.

Despite finding immense success in her career, she grew jaded with the business. Adrianne wanted to do something more fulfilling and completely different than the path she had been on in entertainment for over a decade.

During some post-surgery downtime, Adrianne watched Edward Scissorhands and signed up to sell Avon while a little loopy on pain killers. When her Avon kit arrived, she began trying out products on Facebook live-streams to pass her recovery time. She instantly fell in love with what she was doing. Since then, she has turned down every Hollywood offer that has come her way, focusing on growing her business and living a less stressful life.

She–along with Voice Over star husband  Matthew Rhode–decided to eschew the big city for the great outdoors and are loving every minute of it. Now, she’s on a new adventure out of the spotlight.

AdrianneCurry.com is an inside look at Curry’s transition from Reality Tv Star to Rural Mountain Hermit, where she is living off the land with her Outdoorsman husband and enjoying the simpler things this world has to offer.