A Poem

I always likened Trent Reznor’s writing to J.R.R. Tolkiens music…the cadence and rhymes. Usually I am a stickler for lines matching and flow, but this was heavy on my heart and I needed to write it.







No matter how hard I try, no matter my true intent

There simply is no way around to really circumvent

The issues I am haunted with, feeling so misunderstood

No comfort or empathy, just told what I “should”

No mutual respect or love is left for someone like me

Just harsh judgements anger and cold insincerity

This emptiness is now left in the place I once called home

A vacant place unknown to me I am now forced to roam

Too deep I delved too much I sought to truly transcend

Too much I learned, too deep I went for them to comprehend

No longer do I seek or need the shallow company

Of masked beings who play both sides, I am truly free

There is nothing left, it’s all exposed, nowhere left to hide

I understand the severity of all the things implied

So here I sit gazing out at the sea of never-ending green

Of this void of painful emptiness, I shall rule as Queen


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