Sociopaths:You May Be At Risk!

When news hit of Chris Watts having killed his Wife and children, I thought I knew why. My gut told me she found out he was messing around with men and women and she confronted him. Oddly, it seems that may have been the case. The scariest time of my life was when I started ripping off the layers of deceit my ex sociopath boyfriend was wrapped in. There is no one, nothing on this planet more evil than a socio/psycho. We throw these terms around loosely, but a TRUE socio/psycho can be VERY dangerous. EVERYONE will love them! However, NO ONE will really know them beneath their perfect facade. Also, remember anyone who associates with a sociopath AFTER knowing what that socio is capable of are evil people themselves. Cut them out. No contact. ALL of them.

Unbeknownst to me, my sociopath had used the production company he worked at to lure innocent men, women, even underage children into his web of lies. Hosts, actors, gamers, you name it, all put in danger (and still are) in his presence.   Any woman or man he worked with on set was a potential victim. I had eventually uncovered all his emails and texts …all his grooming of men and women. I found all the evidence that he prostituted himself to men on craigslist, offered his wares on adult friend finder, the list goes on and on.  All his lies exposed. Unfortunately, people like this in Hollywood are not only celebrated, but given power, authority and the means to lure more victims. Think Harvey Weinstein. I could go deeper into my story, but I have no desire to. That inhuman monster and all who spend their time with him are no longer in my life. In fact, my experience with that…thing…was the catalyst to my no longer wanting to be anywhere near the evil of Hollywood.

See, a sociopath is not gay or straight. They will have sex with a man, a woman or a child. They have sex simply to have something to do. Ironically, I was in therapy for the loss I had suffered and all the building suspicions and lies I was catching my sociopath producer boyfriend in. I did not know about the under age boys ,the men, the droves of hosts, hostess, actresses, actors, etc he had preyed on . I had no clue he was prostituting himself to men and hiring women hookers for himself. He had put me at risk, my home, and even used the death of a loved one as an opportunity to destroy me more. The one person who was supposed to care had betrayed me beyond anything.

Long story short, there were signs the entire time. The love bombing, grooming, triangulation, gas lighting, etc. He was 100% sociopath to a T. What made it worse is people I trusted in the industry not only hooked me up with him, but 100% vouched for him.  People aware of the pain he cause those before me, one had a blog about her psychopath ex! Hollywood, man. My therapist told me I was in critical danger. A liar like this does NOT want anyone to find out about his secret life. Men like my ex sociopath and this Chris Watts that murdered his family WANT to live in secret. They do NOT want their evil exposed because you jeopardize their hunt for prey.

My therapist was right. The looks he would give me with his wicked, cold, DEAD eyes…they’d freeze you to the bone. I had to pretend we were going to work on things to get him to move out. I had to lie till the moment he left my apartment and make believe we might have a chance so that I wouldn’t be a victim. You never know with a full blown sociopath. They are incapable of human emotion. They mimic feelings. Mine has a script. He had a ton of funny jokes, sayings, you name it. Eerily, his former victims all gave me snippets of this same script. All of it designed to make you think he was just so helpful and kind! He was, is and always will be the worst monster of a human I have ever known.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, DO NOT CONFRONT THEM! You are risking your LIFE! Get a therapist and figure out your exit plan. For me, I contacted the police department and let them know what was happening. I had dinners with close friends informing them of my situation. I wanted him to be caught if he hurt me. I had my locks changed immediately. I purchased a pump action tactical shotgun… I informed my neighbors to ALL call my cell if they saw him anywhere near my home. I hid weapons in my house and my car to make sure I could stab or maim him if he came for me.

Go 100% NO CONTACT once the vile parasite is out of your life. The messages, texts, emails are pointless to read or respond to. They are all lies. They are NOT sorry. People who hurt you on levels like this are incapable of empathy. Dispose of them immediately. DO not let them use you anymore! In my case, I was a handy tool for my sociopath to manipulate others. My name held klout. He even tried to cast potential victims in a runway show I WAS HEADLINING! lol. You will NOT succeed in convincing those around the evil monster that it is a monster. Their entire existence is to manipulate, lie, sneak and deceive. In my sociopaths case, they can offer too much in the entertainment world and are good at it so no one wants to cut ties. I wrongly hung onto a friend because I felt real love for them as a person, even though they continued to be around my ex and worked with them. Sadly, for me, I did not want to come to terms that someone who really loves me would NOT do that. Especially since I had confided everything to them. Once that dawned on me, I realized that person was never my friend. Like hell if I ever would speak to a man I knew did to my friend what my sociopath did to me! Sever all ties! Those people are assholes.

Free yourself of those toxins, but do so in a way that preserves your physical well being.  A normal person you can confront with this stuff…but someone living a secret life to this level? They may want to snuff you out to continue their lies. Do NOT give a socio/psycho that option. Protect YOU. They never did, but YOU can. There is no victory in the confrontation. You ONLY give them a chance to gaslight and manipulate you. You only let them win even more by allowing them to see what they are up against. Value who you are and your safety. Once free, do not dwell. Do not fight against them or try to save anyone. Let them all, sociopath and their friends, burn in fucking hell. You are a victim no longer.


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