48 Hrs Without Facebook/Twitter On My Phone

Yep, it has only been two days since I deleted Facebook and Twitter from my phone. Let me tell you what I have learned. I never realized JUST how addicted I was to my phone till I no longer had these two apps to access. Throughout each day, I’d brainlessly pick up my phone and LOOK for these apps. Each realization of what I was doing left me in awe of just how reliant I had become on it.

Yesterday I worked my butt off. Not only did I catch myself up with my , but I tossed half my belongings into a dumpster/donation boxes for our move. I have been more productive than ever before. When I sit down to watch tv, I do not pick up my phone like a zombie. If I do, it has been for work.

I have noticed just how much my guy is on these two apps in their absence from my life. Probably less than I was, but it is pretty noticeable. I imagine I will be pointing it out to him when we are out and supposed to be enjoying time with one another or the scenery. We have a pretty good rule in place to not sit and fiddle with our phones throughout a dinner. He checks his as I go to yelp to check in to wherever we are (you can get discounts on meals!).

I have NO constant news updates from all my friends, family and random celebrities who now fancy themselves full time CNN/FOX NEWS correspondents. I wonder, if they will all lose their new gig if we just start ignoring it all. The gig doesn’t suit them. It makes me not even want to engage with any of them. I’d say, not seeing everyone’s nonstop political opinions or sharing of news articles has been my most favorite part of this entire thing!

So, I press on. I am enjoying this journey of not being so dependent on my cell phone. Thus far, it has been eye opening and VERY peaceful. I recommend you try it. If you find you simply cannot live your life without full access to your social media on your phone, just upload em again. I keptĀ  (that wonderful mute future! I am pretty sure most my followers muted me!) and My Pinterest. Something about pictures seems way less alarming.




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