FAME, The New Epidemic

It almost churns my stomach to see just how much people have a psychotic obsession with one’s perceived “level of fame”. I am ripped to shreds on a daily basis for having walked away. Many people think I sell Avon because I had no other choice. So many people are so obsessed with fame and fortune,  their puny minds cant conceive that others dont see it the way they do.


After my grandma died, life changed. Priorities changed. I stayed at her bedside to hold her while she passed and skipped a HUGE opportunity to sell my show i had been pitching in LA. People couldnt believe I wouldn’t leave for the meeting. I was scolded for being unprofessional and told I could just fly right back. She died in my arms the day I was supposed to be in LA. Suddenly, what mattered in life was crystal clear. Fame, being on the next tv show, red carpet or hosting an event….it didnt hold you when you died. I began to grow resentment when I returned to LA. Resentment for the industry that had been sucking away my happiness for over a decade. Resentment towards the people who didn’t care that the most important person in my life was dying…they just wanted to use me for money. I skipped events,  show pitches,  etc. I turned into the dude from office space… I just didn’t care anymore.

When i met my behemoth a year after she passed, I was faced with a choice.  I could continue to market myself the way I had been to work and cause jealousy and hurt, or I could dramatically change my life for a safe relationship.  I chose change.  In doing so, my career took a hit. I struggled to see if I could rebrand myself,  but in doing so…I realized just how much I hated the game. Entertainment, fame, etc…it literally made me sick to my fucking stomach. If I wasnt half naked, outrageous and constantly hitting red carpets to self promote, no one cared. So, I stopped caring. Fuck YOU.

The way people measure your worth on how many tv shows, magazine covers, etc. you have is nauseating. People who barely achieve being a semi decent human being on a daily basis LIVE to tear you down the moment you quit trying to stay relevant. I wonder, what exactly it is in someones life that makes them covet and admire fame so much? Why is fame so goddamn important to people who will never ever achieve it?

I blame the Kardashian mentality. The constant need to put every moment of your life out there,  even your underage children,  so long as it garners you more relevancy…more delicious fame. Everyone has morphed into fame obsessed zombies….streaming, tweeting, instagraming and youtubing in the hopes to garner any level of that sweet new form of HEROIN called FAME. The desperation, the set ups, the clear as day posts of someone desperately trying to garner likes, shares…. its at a fever pitch.

Ive met more fucked up and broken human beings in entertainment than anywhere else on earth. Most, desperately yearning for that next article, tv show, etc to feed their addiction for validation. Living in that world was the hardest thing Ive ever done. I am proud I chose love and life over the temporary void filler that is fame.



  1. Most people live their life never learning this or the other major lesson (money doesn’t make you happy). You are well on the way to a satisfying and fulfilled life.


  2. You have found what really makes you happy. I have been following you since the beginning. I watch all your live streams. I too like you met Matthew on Twitch, met my now husband on SecondLife. I am pretty internet famous in SecondLife that is. Everyone knows my product and they know who I am by name. But, its different. Sure I am know by over a million people from all over the world. My happiness is right next to me. My husband. I am fortunate that I was able to find something that supports my family. I had to market my product myself etc. You do that with your avon and you are really good at it. Look at how good Matthew is doing. Most importantly you guys are happy. I can not wait until you get your dream home in Montana. Can’t wait to see your wedding pictures in that beautiful view. I look forward to every new adventure with you and Matthew. I’ll be buying Avon from you as long as you are selling it. Never doubt any choice you have made. It has lead you all to the happiness that you have.

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  3. Good information. I’ve never been famous but the Kardashian’s are all about fame and money. They say they haven’t changed one bit, ya right!

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  4. Money offers options, but values steer that ship. Your steering toward a safe relationship is the right course; and the haters need to suck from their Kardashian teat as well as STFU!


  5. Omg!! Do you ever talk about anything else? You left it behind blah blah blah but it’s all you talk about. New topic pleaae!!!!! No wonder you lose followers. The same thing over and over. This horse is dead. It’s been dead. Put the stick down. NEW CONTENT.


      1. Hahahaha….always to the gutter….like a rat. A fake rat. All of your hypocrisy and putting on
        airs hasnt erased all of the trash that you have evoked over the years. Stop judging people. You would post your asshole if it got you some attention. Oh wait you did.


  6. Right on A.C.! Live your life and fuck everyone else. Those a-holes that belittle you are trolls that think they have a right to tell you what you should or should not be doing. I loved you on the “Brady” reality series but I hated the way your ex-husband treated you. The little bit of personal knowledge I have of the entertainment business sickened me (a second rate producer sticking his tongue in my ear as he guided me to an empty hotel banquet room, plus a few other experiences with some celebrities). It appears you did not take any money from your ex when you divorced which is admirable, but my personal opinion is you DESERVED MONETARY COMPENSATION for the hell he put you through. However, having been through my own relationship hell—in the PAST, I was the one who made the choice to be with a man who was not worthy of me. Thank goodness we grow up and change for the better. It took me 46 years to find my love, we are celebrating 10 years together, more than both of my marriages combined. Best of luck to you and your love!


  7. Well that’s one way to frame it. You could also say that you didn’t have many (if any) opportunities left “in Hollywood”. You definitely rode out your 15 min but I don’t think you’ve worked at anything in years other than selling makeup online and making a percentage off sad “fans” who would do anything to please you. Sorry.


    1. and what do you get out of leaving this comment? Has it occurred to tou I havent worked because i turn down what is offered to me? probably not. thats ok. live your life leaving shitty comments on former zlisters pages to feel above them. something we all aspire to be, im sure


  8. Dear and highly valued, Adrianne Curry!
    Someone who misuses her pictures for months has been telling her on her facebook profile as her own picture!
    This can worsen the positive image of you!
    Honor and fan of: Károly Havas!

    European Union, Hungary, Budapest


  9. So you basically sell moisturizer ( touted as a miracle anti wrinkle potion) because it’s scientifically proven that no cream can remove wrinkles. You are scamming people. Great moisturizer but nothing stops or removes the aging process. People need to watch dermatologists streams that debunk all the lies you tell.
    You spent a year of your life getting verified on Instagram? Wow! And your proud of That? You contribute absolutely nothing to this world.
    You are a liar. I’ve seen the multiple interviews of you saying you were promiscuous but now you were a virgin lolololol. You can’t just pretend your shady past doesnt exist. It’s all out there. ALL OF IT. Dum-Dum.


  10. Does your childhood bff know that you use him as an example to people that you’re not a homophobic bigot every time someone hints that you might be? Because he is never just your bff he is always described as your gay/drag queen bff. You know sort of like a racist saying “I’m not racist I have a black friend, go ask him”. What are you 12?


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