A Girl Deals with Sexual Assault on TV

On my season of top model, a man attempted to sexually assualt me by running his hand up my leg while I was wearing a dress in Paris…and it was caught on camera. It upset me so badly, I couldn’t even make my 4th casting that day because of how shaken i was. That night, the judges TORE ME TO SHREDS…saying there is no excuses for my unprofessional behavior. Like the camera crew that stood by when the man did it, they didnt even mention or care what had happened to me. My experience with sexual assualt was flipped and then blamed on me. I was almost eliminated that night….

Now, imagine this happening TODAY! lol




1 Comment

  1. Its disgusting to admit that the Justice System is really all about protecting the rights of the criminal and leaving their victim’s with nothing but memories that will haunt them for the rest of their lives.


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