Hollywood Bloodsuckers

I cannot express how glad I am to be rid of all the insincere opportunists I thought were my friends while in LA. I thought I was good at weeding out star fuckers and whatnot, but everyday lately…more and more is revealed to me that makes my stomach churn.

The sad thing is, I was hardly famous. I cant imagine how lonely it is for people who achieve far more fame than I. Hollywood is full of cheerleaders and home coming kings that left their small towns to “make it” in Los Angeles. Everyone in their small towns told them how special and talented they were. When they arrive, the reality of how hard it is to make it hits. Then, they suddenly get the idea of dating and friending up the social ladder. People like me meet someone from Indiana or Ohio and are desperate for a piece of home….unaware that said person is hoping to “be seen/discovered” while going out with you somewhere. People ypu think are your friend…or interested in you as a person…are still debating if they can parlay something out of knowing you. These people are leeches. Anyone who even has this kind of thought is a fucking user loser. Fuck you. Get your own shit, blood sucker.

It doesnt surprise me that even now, after leaving….that scene can still manage to hurt my heart. People I gave my hospitality to, spent holidays with…no loyalty. I was just a way to feel special. This is why I love Avon. I cant help people do anything other than pick out makeup. I have made it impossible for anyone to use me anymore. Thank god for Montana…the further away, the better!



  1. Merry Christmas, Adri and Matthew. It warms my heart to see how happy you are together and your discarding the narcissists of H’wood is one more signpost of your growth.

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  2. Love your blog posts Adrianne u have a great way with words and expressing your self. Glad everything is going so well for u and Matthew now in your new life away from LA. Awesome seeing u so happy 🙂 All the Best in the New year to u both.


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