The Smoke & Mirrors of Hollywood

If there is anything I observed in all my years working in entertainment, it is just how much people pretend they’re wealthy or their lives are something they’re not. An actor on a big network show will lease a car he can barely afford in an attempt to appear rich. Meanwhile, he is parking said car in an underground garage at his not so spectacular 1 bedroom apartment on the wrong side of town. This man has so much overhead from items that will make him appear wealthier that he has no means to save money or do anything else with himself outside of living paycheck to paycheck. If he loses his network gig, he will be down and out because he has made no preparations to be ready for not working over long periods of time.


People pose in Instagram pictures projecting an image of a life they do not live. Expensive jewelry that isnt theirs, clothes that are simply lended, or purchased w/tucked tags… overly photoshopped images with makeup caked so thick if they smiled, it would crack. They pose at pools that aren’t theirs, stand near cars owned by someone they dont know…the list goes on.

This obsession with image boggles my mind. Ive been asked to rev up my instagram by doing what every women does, showing everything on my body and make believing I live some glitzed out life. Why do people feel the need to waste so much time projecting an image of themselves that is false? Why are people so insecure with who and what they and their life is? Then, all the people who believe some level of internet fame or real fame itself will somehow fulfill them in some way…live in constant pursuit of an empty shell of a life they believe is real.

Next time you flip on the tv, know that many of the actors you see in your favorite shows are not as well off as you may think. Many of them are stressed  and miserable trying to project an image of a life they believe people think they have.

Smoke and mirrors do not fill a broken soul. Dream of something more than a projection of yourself.



  1. Sadly, that way of living isn’t a Hollywood exclusive. In today’s day and age, everyone wants to be famous (and honestly believe they can all become famous), and will do anything it takes to appear so. I’d rather be myself and let the chips fall where they may. Why people would lie to others about whom they are boggles my mind. Eventually, they’ll find out who you really are.


  2. To paraphrase the great song, “There’s a lady who knows “not all that glitters is gold,” and she’s climbing the stairway to heaven.” Seems apropos to your article…:)


  3. I always dreamt of that life. “The Hollywood Dream”. But the reality that I’m not the perfect size and never will be, woke me up from that dream. That, and I’m too real of a person to be THAT fake. Thanks for sharing what no one wants people to know.


  4. Maintain your image as it is, real, raw and all Adrianne. Whether anyone else in this universe recognizes, cares or gives you an ounce of credit for it matters not, it’s You that matters. Your integrity and honesty will get you so much further in life than all the falsehoods the others proclaim. I watch as you grow, learn and trudge through this crazy life and the world around us, and you are on the right path. A path that is your own, a path that you paved, when you look behind you, you will find others following, and that my dear Adrianne, is Your calling.


  5. It’s sad because it seems as though it is a snowball effect – those in Hollywood (and professional sports to be fair) portray these extravagant lifestyles and it leads “normal” people to believe they have to do the same – the more normal extravagance becomes, the more extravagant you have to be to stand out – it starts to make you wonder how many people actually enjoy their lives anymore.


  6. You are so consumed with what everyone else is doing and how they make money or how they became famous. You talk about it constantly. The same thing over and over. When you get on a subject it is on every video, every post its all you talk about it!!! Move on! You are engaged now and say how happy you are but you have turned into a judgemental, hypocrytical asshole. Im so done following you because if I hear one more time how models on instagram show their ass and get paid Im going to lose my shit. Good luck with your avon. Please talk about new content sometimes.


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