Why I Love & Hate Cosplay

Cosplay. I love it, I hate it.

When I quit, it had become a fad. Any girl (or guy) wanting to be famous at cons and on instagram…willing to sell nudes or suggestive shit on patreon were buying booths and selling their pictures whilst dressed in versions of costumes meant to pander so that you could hardly identify what it was supposed to be. Thats fine. Do whatever YOU want to do. However, I didnt want to be associated with it….and the fun factor of it not being the THING to do had evaporated. I was dubbed “Queen of the Losers” my entire school life. Then, Stan Lee dubbed me queen of the Nerds, a much better and way cooler title. Suddenly, people were calling it in question. Im sorry, am I to defend a title a fucking god of comics and nerd culture gave me? No. I bend the knee to Sir Lee.

Cosplay just….turned into a vehicle for those hoping to get famous. Thats fine, but I had enough of shit like that my whole life. hahaha. I had too many people begging to be seen with me at a con…not because we were friends….but because they wanted to be part of the press I would get.  I even found people trying to latch onto me and get in any pic taken of me to “be seen”. I hated that shit in Hollywood and I certainly hated it in my most beloved of places.

The sexual assualt I suffered in my years cosplaying was extensive. I think it was a mix of both being on tv before and not separating myself from the crowds. I always said I was the Tribune of the Plebs. I liked to interact, hang out and have a drink with my fellow nerds.  As time went on, I found it getting more and more dangerous. Hell, I think crowds of humanity in general are dangerous. However, the 90% nerd crew was getting saturated with people coming to see the hype, make fun of nerds,  or on the “its now cool to do” bandwagon. The crowd changed. As the crowd changed,  assualts were on the rise.

I cosplayed in Raleigh over the summer,  a small con without the pretentious spread of crap. I loved it. I may cosplay again. My last huge outting was Star Wars celebration in 2015. I went as vader bunny. I was miserable. The second we were done with pics,  I ran to change,  much to the dismay of those who wanted to hit the convention floor. I went shopping…and had the time of my life! I bought so much cool shit.  My cosplay money has been getting spent on sideshow collectible items. Also, cool ass fucking shit for our home….maps of middle earth,  westeros, etc.

Some people say i changed my interests, etc. Hell no. We just watched all 3 extended editions of LOTR…and got depressed when it was over. We do this 3-5x a year. Im rereading LOTR. Im buying cool etsy signs to spruce up the house.  Nothing about me has changed since I was a little girl. I quote The neverending story, Labyrinth, Legend, etc. I am me. Im just not running around every shit show of a con cosplaying because my priorities changed and the atmosphere changed.

Also, we are saving up for a huge chunk of land and our own hobbit hole. Happiness is bringing your passions into your life!

Happy devil’s night!



  1. You need to do things that make you happy. When they stop making you happy stop doing them. If we only get one life (that we know of) then its to short to waste it being miserable. I loved looking at you in your cosplay outfits because you are a beautiful woman but not at the cost of your well being. I live near Raleigh and would have gone to the con just to see you with the emphasis on see. If you can use the expression “Tribune of the Plebes” you have brains too. Unlike some I am glad to see what people freely give on twitter Facebook and other social media. If its not freely given then its not mine to take which is why I hate pirated images on tumbler.

    Live long and Prosper or else live fast die young and leave a pretty corpse. Third option do your own thing

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  2. Hi Adrianne,
    I got to take a picture with you at Comic-Con a few years back.
    “Queen of the Nerds” indeed.
    One of the highlights of the con for me.
    Don’t forget those of us that love you because you’re awesome, not because we think it will help with our “brand”.
    I’m just a simple web developer trying to make my way through the world and you helped.

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