Why I Stopped Wearing Panties


Yep, I quit wearing panties. Well, to be honest, I quit wearing g-strings. When I DO wear panties, it’s only cotton bikinis (period time, etc). I started getting fucking yeast infections for the first time in my entire life. Puzzled, I decided to start researching why the fuck this was happening to me.

My entire life, I’ve worn g-strings. They are far more comfortable to me than thongs, which feels like too much material up my ass….and more comfortable than cotton bikinis, because they always gave me wedgies. My panties were literally 3 strings attached to a tiny triangle of cloth. Upon searching the almighty google, I learned that both thongs and g-strings aren’t healthy for your vagina. Bacteria from your bunghole can fuck with bacteria from your vag hole.

I was loathe to give up my g-strings but I figured it was worth a shot. Thus far, I’ve gone two weeks without wearing panties. Only time I have is when I was bleeding. I don’t wear tight jeans, but I imagine if I did I would need panties. However, I have to say, I am far more comfortable without underwear!

I have no panty lines…I always feel nice and fresh…aired out. I noticed that discomfort I used to have here and there was due to my panties. Without them, I was no longer feeling discomfort in certain outfits. If you’re wondering,  I don’t juice all over my clothes. I even work out without panties. Like I said before, if I feel the need to wear undies, I now only wear bikinis.

I recommend everyone try it. I tried on a g-string yesterday and wanted to die. It was so uncomfortable! I think I built up a bunghole callous to deal with that shit for so many years!

Fuck panties.



  1. I can’t not wear undies. I have to wear them but I don’t use g-string or thongs or really tight undies.

    I have gotten on the menstrual cup train and I will never go back! That really changed my life. I no longer ruin my fave panties and feel so much cleaner. I have also discovered where my cervix is and how to correctly insert my cup. My period is now shorter from 5 days to 3-4 and I am experiencing less cramps only after using it for 3 cycles.

    Try it!! Trust me they put stuff in those tampons and pads that is just not good. I also use reusable pads on my really light days which is the first and last day.


  2. Underwear are highly overrated. I’ve tried them all and went through phases where I wore them constantly, but I feel better not wearing underwear. I really only wear them to bed (single person confession) or that time of the month but that’s it.


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