Why Men Dont Post About You on facebook.

Everyone has seen it. I gush and gush about my guy and all the amazing things he does all over my social media. I post his work stuff, what we are up to and videos!  Many of you may notice, he doesn’t do the same. That is because men generally don’t use social media as much as women. We use it to connect with people and gush about our lover, friends and pets.

Men tend to use social media as more of a business tool. The reason he isn’t posting pics of you and him is because he isn’t even posting pics! Look at how very little your dude is posting in general. You can’t hold him at fault for barely talking about you when he is barely talking about himself! Now, if your guy is posting a good deal and is never including any pics or mentions of you, then it may be safe to start worrying. Until then, relax, he’s a fucking guy.

Oh, and is he not liking any of your posts or photos? He is most likely not liking anyone else’s. Only if you see him liking other people’s pics and posts and never yours should you hike a brow.

Yep. Chill out.



  1. Honest opinion–you regularly complain about the lack of interaction you receive on Twitter. I think it might be due to your obsession with your boyfriend. Everyone gets that you’re in love and no one doubts it. But seriously, Matthew is about the only thing you talk about. On a daily basis. I’m sure it gets tiresome for your fans who follow you to see YOU, what YOU have going on and only receive nonstop “Behemoth” babble. Do you have any identity outside Matthew? If people wanted to see every move the poor guy makes, they can/will follow him themselves without the nonstop Curry reporting. It IS possible to be loving and supportive to your partner while also retaining your own individuality. So ease off a bit…your Twitter/Instagram read like fanpages to him (yes, I know you consider yourself his biggest fan) and coming from an adult, it’s a bit off putting.


  2. YES!
    My husband is silent on Facebook. And when he does comment or post anything…
    It’s about comics lolol
    So I stopped getting offended cause it’s private to him. Our love and relationship is personal and special to us. No need to boast or put everything on blast.


  3. Unfortunately I discovered my guy wasn’t posting about me on his Facebook because he already had a girlfriend that he failed to mention. It was a shitty experience but also an eye opener. Any new guy since then that’s been super secretive with his social media relationship status has been hiding the truth from me.
    Long story short, there’s a lot of liars out there that want to flirt around online and appear “single” for that very reason.


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