Some People Deserve To Die

I don’t say this lightly. For many years I told myself that it was a crime to ever wish death or misfortune on anyone. Anytime I found myself wishing someone ill I’d severely punish myself mentally for allowing such a black thought in my mind. Then, I met a true psychopath…an everything changed.

They and their actions almost pushed me to the brink of comitting suicide. So incapable of understanding how anyone could be so cold and calculating with their evil, I was vulnerable and unprotected during the worst crisis of my life. When I realized how little this person cared for anyone they used and discarded…how they deliberately would push the envelope to see if they could drive a human to a long list of people in their past had been pushed to insanity as I had..when I saw that they would use anyone (too young or too old) and anything sexually…or try to rob people of their money through bank accounts and lawsuits, something inside me broke. I realized the world would be a far more beautiful place if they would simply die.

Some people are pure evil. They wear a mask for the public, but usually those who are closest to them can see when that mask slips. These people are psychopaths. Do not mix this up with a sociopath or a narcissist. Surprisingly, those two have more empathy and feelings in their pinky fingernail than a full blown psychopath.

Whenever I see a good person suffering, sick or dying…I usually find myself wishing people like the psychopath I knew and others like them would take their place. There are people who do not deserve to live. Their existence is a black spot of evil on the lives of most anyone who comes close to them.

I know a lot of you will talk about forgiveness and whatnot…but that does not protect others from a psychopath. They will continue to hurt, maim and defeat people around them until they die…which is why I sincerely wish death on them….only to save others from the evil they are capable of.

This is not a popular mindset, I get it…but till you meet a real psychopath…a person who would hand you the knife with a smile if you say you want to die…a person who would torture an animal just to watch….a person who would touch a child sexually….you won’t get it.

Some people don’t deserve to live.

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  1. As a follower and a psychologist who works in prison, life in prison is also appropriate. Good sentiment, though. Read Jon Ronson if doubtful.


  2. You are absolutely right. Tragically, there is no legal means to aid these people with their demise. And on they go, merrily wrecking everyone in their path.

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  3. I was molested by someone when I was 12-14. He is truly the only person I’ve ever HATED. He died years ago, and I was happy. I think death was too good for him honestly, but it makes me feel better and safer to know that he’s gone, and if there’s any sort of afterlife or reincarnation, I hope his new beginning is fitting for a true piece of shit human. I struggled with my hatred of him for years, but I’m ok with it. Fuck that guy and what he did to me. I have no sympathy for those that harm children or animals and ruin their lives for years to come.


    1. I could never understand why or how an adult, man or woman could be interested in boy’s and girls sexually.
      I can understand how men and women could find younger members of the opposite sex attractive and want to jump their bones.
      I could even understand kinky taboo roleplay
      Where you act out fantasies that would be forbidden or frowned upon by most of society.
      But that’s assuming that you were participating in that taboo roleplay with willing adults.
      Say that you were interested in younger women,
      OK there are women out there who are interested in older men.
      Say you were interested in younger men,
      Ok, there are men out there who are interested in older women.
      Say that you wanted to relive your youth
      And live out that fantasy of boning your sexy teacher I’m not saying go out and take advantage of a teacher get a like-minded girlfriend who doesn’t mind dressing up like a teacher and having her way with you or letting you have your way with her.
      Say you always wanted to live out the fantasy of boning a sexy schoolgirl,
      Or that hot forbidden looking teenage cheerleader.
      Have an appropriately aged younger woman 20 to 30 dress up like a cheerleader.
      So long as she’s willing and into it.
      Say you had kinkier things in mind.
      Find a non related adult who is interested in the same thing
      And go for it.
      Stop boning kids and babies,
      And creeping on relatives.
      And find yourself a like-minded adult who can and is more than willing to roleplay those fetishes with you.
      Why creep on kid’s
      And family members and be ostracized by your friends families and peers.
      And go to prison,
      And be labeled a predator
      When there are plenty of freak’s and nerd’s and geek’s of an appropriate age
      Or younger adults that are just as kinky and willing!?
      I don’t get child molesters and rapist’s,
      Get somebody with an S&M fetish.
      I don’t get people who like a to expose themselves to unsuspecting women.
      Find a woman who is a nudist and is into exhibitionism.
      There are plenty of like-minded adults out there today there’s absolutely no excuse to be messing with children and adults who don’t want to be messing with you.


  4. I have a friend who’s 11 month old grandson was drugged, brutally raped and savagely beat to death while on a rare visit with his incubator and her fuckboy (grandmother had custody) it was one visit, one time and his precious life was taken for a few moments of depraved sick pleasure by a subhuman monster. Where was the “mother” ? We believe she was not far away. He is in jail awaiting trial, she’s free, living life carefree and drama free as she calls it.
    Obviously I wish the most excruciating slow death for him. But also for her. She had ONE Fucking Job FOR ONE fucking day. To protect her flesh and blood at any cost. She failed
    I don’t wish death on anyone, never have.
    Until this


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