Color Your Own Hair! Video!


I love to save money…I hate how much it costs to get my hair done. Hundreds of dollars just for my grey roots to start popping up in a few days! It’s absurd! I use a spray to hide my roots for a bit, but that can dye your scalp and can build up on hair. Instead of waiting 50 fucking years to hit the salon again, I started doing my own shit at home! I highly recommend you do to!

This is how I do it.

First, I mix one part Argon Oil hair Color

with 2 part argon oil hair color creamed developer 20 volume

I’m lazy and usually shove mine in a bottle

I mix 10 drops of this for my grey!

Then I slap this shit on for 45 minutes…and boom! No more shitty grey roots! It also costs a LOT less. Of course, I don’t know the first thing about blonde hair or how to care for it…so don’t ask.

In between dyes, I use this to cover my grey…and it’s badass. I used to use a marker…but I have too many grey hairs for that shit now.



  1. I’ve been using eSalon for 6 months now and LOVE IT!! You send them picks of your natural (or chosen) color, and they custom match for you. You can make adjustments if you want, and the kit has everything you need in it!


  2. Doing it at home us the way to go! I use the same shit…get it from Sallys. MUCH smarter than shelling out over 100 my hairdresser wants! Fuck that. πŸ˜‚


  3. Wow! Thanks for the condescending of all of us hard working cosmetologists all of the world! We work hard at what we do, stand 12 hours a day, education all the time, colour molecules, knowing which brand to use…and just because you have brown hair, (with absolutely no dimension!) In your hair (boring as fuck!) …some women and men like the attention to detail that we provide and simply just to lay out some of their personal problems to us! We are more than just “out for money!”. we love what we do! Colour my, dear sweet girl is an art and science!…. Undertones, knowing which colour cancels out another…let me know when you start doing tutorials for colour corrections…. Then maybe I’d give you credit! Keep rocking that boring brown shit, that is going to keep building up on the hair shaft, making it then black after you run it through a thousand times! Thanks for making all us feel useless! #inconsideratesnob


    1. It’s pretty obvious that the video was created for people who just want to color their hair one solid color and don’t give two shits about dimension πŸ™„. The blogs are created to answer the questions everyone ask her because they relate to her on some level. I can see why you would be bitter, with an attitude like that it must be hard for you to keep customers period, then you have Adrianne over here stealing the rest of your potentials…πŸ˜’


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