Skin Care!

Many of you have watched my videos of face peels and beauty creams. I am 34 years old. I spent too much time in the sun for my tastes and I used to smoke! Both of these can really harm my journey in anti aging. I have accepted my fine lines and wrinkles…but it does NOT mean I wont combat em! Over the years I have had the amazing blessing of being able to converse with some of the top names in Makeup and beauty. You’d be surprised what you can get out of a bitch after a few glasses of wine!  I am going to list all the products I use on my face (except for facial peels, as I already have a beauty blog on the two I use!).

I know some of these are expensive, but a little goes a LONG way. After I started using this serum and cream, my own best friend inquired if I had started using botox. I was fucking amazed. She almost didn’t believe me! I am the first to tell you to not waste your money on clothes, but some things are worth the price tag…others are not. There are a LOT of beauty products with hefty price tags and fake celeb endorsements, but I have used and learned through trial by error. These are my go to beauty must haves! Click the image to link to where you can buy.

I wash my face with a cheap over the counter cleanser. This is recommended by MOST dermatologists. Dr. Will Kirby suggested this one to me and I have used it ever since!

I DO use my clarisonic a few times a week. It has made a HUGE difference on my cheek pimples (fuck you, cheek pimples!) and makes my skin glowy. You don’t NEED to have one, but my guy got it for me for Christmas and I use it religiously! I use it with my cetaphil instead of their face washes.

First, eye creams are a RIP OFF. They are unnecessary and a waste of your money! There is no special cream for the special wonderful skin around your eyes. I learned this from one of Beverly hills top estheticians. She said a serum you use on your face will be JUST as good, if not better. She suggested I use the Same serum by Jan marini sparingly on both my face AND eyes. I wear this both morning and night….but at night I ONLY use this.

ONLY in the morning do I use this sparingly on my face AFTER I applied the serum (again, I use that sparingly as well)

To shrink my big ole nose pores or to combat red puffy pimples, I slap this bad boy on. When it dries out it feels like you can’t make ANY facial expressions!


So, there you have it. After many years of buying to hype and purchasing pricey shit that didn’t work…and then many more years of swearing I could use drugstore shit for the result…these are my holy grail for not looking my age. I wont lie and say it comes naturally. I eat well, take vitamins and drink seltzer water ALL DAY. Aging sucks, but doing it gracefully is on my agenda. I have been using all of these for a few years (except the clarisonic, only one year) and this has been a life savior.

Any suggestions? (please dont mention oil of olay…lol…I hate it!) Also, anything you guys are interested in me trying and reviewing? I am open to anything….just dont fuck with me and make me use shit that will ruin my life 😛




      1. Omg you actually replied to me 😀 Thank you very much.
        Can you review this ?

        I hate wearing lipstick or lipgloss because when you eat, drink water from a bottle or even kiss someone it gets all over them and you would need to reapply it on your lips. This lipgloss seem to last a few hours or a day (I guess?) and doesn’t transfer rather you eat or drink water. I want to know if it really works.


  1. Can you do a review of a Foreo Luna? It’s the same concept as your clarisoinc but is made from silicone. I have been considering getting one of these because it’s more hygenic and you don’t have buy replace brush heads. It’s pricey and would like an opinion from someone I trust. Side note: I’ve been following you for years but never commented on your FB bc I am a pretty private person and didn’t want people on my friends list to see what I wrote. Pretty excited about your blog because now I can be somewhat private. 🙂


  2. I think I’m missing a link. What is the product you use for your nose pores? (You could park a Volvo in my nose pores … seriously)


  3. After showering my skin gets real dry so as of recently I started to take better care of my skin. I recently had my wedding and I also have my friends wedding in April. She knew of the dry skin issues I was having and knew I didn’t do anything about it, so as a bridesmaid gift she got me a few items to use. One of them was the “Yes 2 Tomatoes” mud mask and also some creams (brown sugar scrub and another mask called Glam Glow for the day of my wedding) Holy crap did my skin feel amazing. My makeup artist even noticed the difference from when she did my makeup a couple months prior for a cousins wedding and then for my wedding. Since then I have been better and I can totally notice a difference.


  4. Finally, reviews from someone trustworthy and honest! I myself have the clarisonic and absolutely love it! I will have to try out the cleanser you have listed since I am not a fan of the ones clarisonic sells. I have been looking for a face mask for a while now and will definitely be trying the Dead Sea Mud Mask. How many times per week do you recommend I use it? Also, have you ever tried Rodan and Fields redefine for wrinkles?


  5. You are not alone with the hatred of Oil of Olay. I don’t even know what it is, but every product I”ve tried is horrible. My skin is super reactive but I recently learned its dehydrated, not dry, and so finally found out why the products for dry skin I was using wasn’t helping with the flaky skin. Neutrogena Hydro Boost range is INCREDIBLE. my skin has become transformed. that in combo with a vibrating silicon cleanser (ie a WAY cheaper version of the Foreo Luna, like 10% the price) and a Bioderma Hydro Bio serum my skin is better in my 30s than it’s ever been!


  6. I wanted to know if you have an opinion on the Rodan and Fields skincare line. It’s so damn expensive but I don’t know if it’s worth it? Also, do you or have you ever derma rolled? I want to try that so badly but needles in my face? And with my shaky ass hand doing the rolling? Scary shit right there! P.S. Everytime I am watching you live on FB, I text my husband and tell him that “I’m hangin’ out talking skincare with my friend, Adrianna Curry :)” lol….


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