Fitness tips! Just the tip!

Working out is hard. It is hard to find time in our busy lives to make room for some fat burning sessions. however, I want to really push at home cardio. You don’t need an elliptical or a treadmill. All you need to do is focus and pump out some good tunes. Dance like a fucking idiot. Jumping jacks. side kicks. You name it, when done quickly, it will burn calories!

Now, I do not recommend these things for building muscle…that takes heavy weights. I DO recommend this for working up a sweat and losing a few pounds! Start off trying to do jumping jacks and craze ape dancing for 10 minutes as a warm up….then get into some jump squats, kicks, punches, etc!




  1. These videos really show off how built you are, photos just don’t demonstrate it. Following along, I would totally pay for a full-length, at-home work-out video.

    Either I missed it, or maybe you didn’t say WHY your toes shouldn’t go over your knees… You’ve said not to do it in a couple of videos, but how come?


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