Face & Ass

Ok, ladies…as promised, here is my review on the Chemical peels & asshole bleach

Get the new glycolic acid peel it here

Also, the lactic acid pimple peel

and don’t forget….click to get you some butthole bleach…this is the extended video you all wanted


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  1. Adrianne I never did a chemical peel before. I was gonna buy the one you use (Level Two). But it said something like “not for beginner’s” so since I never did it before I decided to go with Level 1. I put it on a cotton ball and rubbed it on my face and it had no effect on me. It didn’t burn, nothing. I did it 3x and nothing. I don’t know why :(. I will buy Level 2 (the one you use) maybe it will work.


  2. My husband is going to come home from deployment and be like “damn that is one beautiful asshole”, he will be even more taken back by how lovely my bunghole will be. Ha! 2 days of use and it is already lightening up my arsehole nicely. Thanks for the honest review!


  3. After you rinsed did you put anything on your face? In the reviews some mentioned putting oil or moisturizer on after you rinse. Just curious to see if you did or not. Thanks!


  4. OMG.. You.. You.. You… You really need to do standup somewhere..! Anal Bleach review.. Really.. OMFG.. My ribs are still killing me from laughing so hard. Thanks for the review also…LOL


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