Wanna Get In Shape With Me?

I mean it. I am planning on doing step by step walk through both in photos and on video to get in shape with you guys! When we finally get set up in Arizona, I’m gonna clear a spot to get sweaty and bring you along.


What are you going to need? Everyday household items. I use hand weights, but two cans of chunky soup can do the trick. I also have some workouts you can do with a cast iron skillet…. The number one way to lose weight? It is OUR DIET. No matter what we tell ourselves, diet plays a key role in losing weight. I use myfitnesspal. It’s an app that allows you to barcode scan most things you eat. You can enter it yourself if you can’t find it on there, but it is rare. This is not a highly accurate calorie counter. What it DOES do is hold you accountable for what you are eating. I have logged in for 584 days in a row! It allows you to enter in your workouts as well. I have always used this app to figure out how many calories I have left…to eat something delicious and not good for me. lol

The best way to get in shape is to have a workout buddy. I’d like to be that for you. Lets keep each other motivated to get off our lazy asses and get healthy. What kind of workouts will I put together? HIIT training. I want to make sure we keep burning calories for hours afterward. Heavier weights will be needed if you are looking to build things up, like your ASS.


Anyway, I think this is going to be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to start! Let me leave you guys with a suggestion. DRINK SELTZER WATER! You will HATE it at first. I know I did. However, I weened myself off pop and now drink seltzer 95% of the time. It will hydrate you. It will save you from calories and sugars in drinks (why waste your calories on a DRINK when you can pop a mini snickers??) Your SKIN will look better. Your BODY will feel better. Toss a little lemon wedge in it to help you get started.

Now, in true hypocritical fashion, I’m gonna go eat something bad cause my PMS is destroying me from the inside! 😉

ps- my lower body is way thicker than my upper. it is what it is. We all have our little flaws, that’s mine!



    1. Thank you, I am so looking forward to this…I need help and motivation. My husband left me after 25 years together and I want myself back, not to mention a kick ass revenge body…lol!


  1. I’d love this! I need the high intensity interval training to lose weight. I have PCOS and losing weight is very hard. I really need to get my weight down and back off. I have been weening myself off pop and drinking more water. I need to get my eating habits back on track.


  2. Looking forward to this – I’m 53 and in menopause- it’s been 20 years since I’ve exercised and I need this for my health, stress management and depression- I need this ! Show us everything you know – and thank you so much!!


  3. Adrienne find me on instagram! kelsam26 to see my progress thus far. Nope…not a porn place or a place for creepers so creepers keep the fuck out and NO bitches I don’t want to see your vagina or call you. Lol


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