Arizona or BUST!

The process of finding movers has been daunting. We need a super quick move if we are to keep Matthew’s twitch stream and voice overs up and running. Doing it yourself is kinda out of the cards when your guy had spine surgery a little over a year ago…and it didn’t FIX his problem…they just cut out the shit smashing his nerve. His back is still fucked.

I am aware my website crashes. It is very costly to purchase hosting that will stop it from doing so, so once I get this bad boy operational with adsense and whatnot …I might make enough to actually justify the cost. Till then, bare with me! I’ve invested enough in this site as is. No, I wont be starting a patreon to beg for money. I have a tip jar at the end of each blog and will run some ads. I don’t want people having to pay money just to come to some retired Z-list celebrity website. However, let’s get back to moving.

WHY ARIZONA? Oh, I dunno…reasons


We ourselves keep trying to find why we would like the place


My cat fucking hates it there, and we haven’t figured out why


it isn’t like cats don’t enjoy sight seeing.13654334_10206710306700638_2267898321978827677_n

Like I’ve said, we drove across the country and I fell in love with Utah and Arizona. Utah was a bit too….rural for our tastes, particularly our internet needs. Arizona was too crowded in Phoenix, which some likened to a mini LA. We are escaping this city not to end up in another just like it. While we enjoy the desert and all it has to offer, we were interested in more water supplies and forests. Naturally, Northern Arizona appealed to us. It is ranked one of the top places in the country to “bug out” in. As some of you might know, we are very interested in stocking up for doomsday.


it will just be nice to not have to fight out of a city of millions when an earthquake hits. Instead, we will be in a lovely small town in the beautiful pine forests of AZ. Are we crazy? A little. Which is why we are so excited to be moving to the number one state for Gun laws in America. The Wild West is alive and kicking. There is something very…safe feeling…knowing most our neighbors and soon to be friends are packing heat.

Anyway, I should go focus on working out, I ate a double bacon cheeseburger, large fry and a jumbo hot dog last night in an attempt to keep my rock hard abs 😉





  1. We have Two Guys and a Truck here. They’ve moved me three times and have always done a great job. Not sure about the distance for you.


  2. Wishing you the best of luck together on the grand adventure! You both deserve love, joy, and success. Here’s to 2017 being the year of positive change and prosperity for you guys. 🤘

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  3. Adrianne and Matthew,

    Have a safe journey as you travel to new and exciting places!
    I am glad to be a fan of you both before you even met!! ❤️
    Much good vibes and thoughts for you!!
    -Sarah E
    Arlington, Texas

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  4. Be safe & have fun! Take lots of videos along your way to look back on as a couple (play clips of at your wefding perhaps 😀)
    People always take pictures but forget videos & regret it later on.
    Tori O


  5. Ok, so, I had this FWB guy here. And while I no longer want him in my life for that, his moving company is the best around (5 stars everywhere). Big dudes, they wrap everything incredibly well, are very proficient, and rates are great. I know they do long distance stuff in state; I’m not positive on if Harven would go to Arizona. Most likely, yes, for a proper rate. I’d trust him with everything I own. Harven Pari, Move It With Muscle ( 818-441-9292 or 818-405-3118.


  6. Your tip jar doesn’t seem to be working. I wanted to chip in a bit for moving costs. You’ve always seemed nice, so I wish you the both the best.


  7. Thank you for sharing your new journey! I’ve been a fan of yours since ANTM, and think you’re a wonderful and lovely lady, inside and out. I’m so very happy for you and Matthew, you both look amazing together and deserve all the happiness in the world, plus I’m a wee bit jealous that you’re moving to AZ, lol. I wish you both the very best always. 😊


  8. Hopefully this blog will turn extremely popular and then you write a book from the blogs like a lot of other people. Still waiting for your memoir, I think it would be kick ass.


  9. Adrianne, I tried tipping you last night from my iPad and it didn’t work. Now I’m trying from my laptop and still getting the same error message. I’d like to help out, but it seems like I can’t!


  10. Hey Adrianne and Matthew! Could you please link the survival bags you have! 🙂 So happy for your move to Arizona!!!!! Good luck to you both!!


  11. This is so fun and interesting. I want more. Please document your journey step by step. I can see this being a great book at the end. On my god, you’ ll have so many adventures to tell.


  12. We vacationed in northern Arizona this past fall and loved it. Too bad my job isn’t flexible enough to move. It would be nice to get away from ND winters.


  13. Southwest Arizona is super fun too. Just visit during the winter months. Summer is way too hot. You should check out Tombstone, Tucson, Bisbee, and Wilcox at some point.


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