Adrianne Curry‘s lifestyle blog, featuring her thoughts on fitness, beauty, fashion and life.   The first America’s Next Top Model, reality TV celebrity and Stan Lee proclaimed “Queen Of The Nerds”, Adrianne has escaped the clutches of Hollywood for a more normal life with her boyfriend of two years, Matthew Rhode in the great state of Arizona.


Adrianne has had a long career in Hollywood. A favorite guest on Howard Stern, TMZ, a staple at Comic Con and loved by both Geek royalty and plebs alike. She has remained active in entertainment since her reality tv win of the first season of America’s Next Top Model in 2003. After many more reality tv shows, the disintegration of her public marriage to her ex reality tv co-star and a few years adjusting to the single life, Adrianne found herself in an abusive relationship with a producer in Hollywood. During this time, she lost her Grandmother who raised her to cancer. Depression and betrayal left her with little desire to pursue much in terms of Hollywood. After a year long struggle, she began to get her life back on track. Then, she met her now boyfriend, Matthew Rhode. After falling in love, she realized her perspective on many things had changed. She was no longer interested in marketing herself as a sex symbol.


At the age of 32, she began to rebrand herself. Immediately after, Adrianne’s career took a hit as well as her social networks, losing well over 100k followers due to her changed image. Determined to keep a happy and healthy relationship and life over booking work that left her feeling empty and could potentially cause turmoil, Adrianne stood by her convictions. Her facebook began to rapidly grow due to her unabashed sharing of her feelings, perspective and her life on such a public platform. Her facebook reach is over 5 million per week and her page has hit over 1.3 million likes and still rapidly grows.

After establishing himself in the world of Voice Overs in LA, Adrianne and her boyfriend Matthew decided a move from Hollywood was exactly what they needed in their lives. He could work from anywhere. She decided she could too. Packing up. they set out to AZ to try their hand at a more simple and fulfilling life. Now, Adrianne plans on focusing her time on building her blogs audience and traffic while settling into a new and exciting life.









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